We are a group of Christians with diverse backgrounds, ethnicity, careers and ages, but we are one family in Christ. It is through Him that we are united in faith and love, and share a common desire to do all things pleasing to God our Father.

We invite you to come worship and study with us, and hear the wonderful story of Jesus!

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April 2015

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  1. Sunday Bible Study
    4/26/15 09:30am
  2. Sunday Morning Worship
    4/26/15 10:30am
  3. Sunday Evening Worship
    4/26/15 06:00pm
  4. Wednesday Bible Study
    4/29/15 07:30pm
  5. Bible Study at Perkins in Phillipsburg
    4/30/15 10:00am
  6. Sunday Bible Study
    5/3/15 09:30am
  7. Full Calendar

New Bible Study Series!

Beginning on Sunday February 1st, Drew DeGrado, from the church of Christ in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, will start a series of studies he has titled "Evidences".  Drew describes the objectives and content of this series in these words...

"The concept of God and His Truth have always been attacked by non-believers. But I don’t recall seeing the movement of atheism and the rejection of God, as strongly and successfully advanced as in the present time. Too often young Christians, who were faithful and considered strong in the faith, go off to college only to lose their faith and return home as skeptics or non-believers.

Even adults who were faithful, active Christians at one time lose their faith in the God they once embraced. All because they can’t give a reason for the hope that is within them. The internet is full of information, and misinformation, that make claims that the Bible is nothing more than fairytales written by men. That Jesus was not really raised from the dead. And, that evolution has been proven to be a fact. This study gives answers to the critics who use science and logic to explain their world view.

This Evidences course consists of 30 lessons, divided into three parts. Each part is designed to combat and expose three foundational arguments used by non-believers. We will dig deep into the Creation, The Resurrection, and the New Testament Canon."

Everyone is invited to participate in this series of studies!


Thursday Morning Study...


There is a Bible Study and Discussion each Thursday morning at the Perkins Restaurant in Phillipsburg, NJ. We start at 10:00am.  All are welcome to come and participate.


New Online Bible Correspondence Course

We have recently added an online Bible Correspondence Course which is entitled Know Your Bible.

The course consists of 6 lessons that are intended to help us gain a better understanding of the Bible and what God expects of us.

You can access the course by clicking Here!


Saturday April 25 2015

Old Testament: Josh 23-24 Josh 23-24

(Daily Reading, ESV)